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Publication/Form Managers,

We need your assistance to clear a large number of stalled publication/form packages in AFIMPT.  These are packages that have been returned to customers in AFIMPT which have had no activity for an average of over 500 days.  

Please use the provided link (updated monthly) to access a spreadsheet that lists the returned packages.  You will need to use the filter option in the spreadsheet to view packages for your unit (Issuing Org).OpenReturnedPackagesRpt(1Jul24).xls

We are requesting that you review the packages and work with your customers (OPRs/POCs) to determine if the products belong to your organizations, and if so, please take the necessary action in AFIMPT to review and complete the packages so they can be re-submitted to AFDPO for publishing.

Contact AFDPO/PPP at if you have any questions.

Vr, AFDPO AFIMPT Technical Support