The Augmented Revision Tool (ART) is designed to assist pub authors, reviewers, and editors with their pubs work from any location, by providing standardized recommendations for readability, traceability (i.e., tiering), acronyms, jargon, and contact information for AFPDs, AFIs, and AFMANs.  Highlights include:

Instant Acronym Expansion:
•Flag all acronyms, suggest expansions, and allow live-updating of the text

Easy Contact Verification:
•Alert users to office symbols, phone numbers, and faulty hyperlinks for live update

Jargon Identification:
•Highlight USAF-specific terminology for simplification or definition insertion

Readability Recommendations:
•Provide recommendations around complex words and sentence structure to simplify text

Scan for Tiered Content:
•Identify tiered content for update and provide ability to add reference information

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Factsheet about the USAF Pubs Clean-up Program

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