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How can I locate a product I need on the website?
Please try using the Title Search. The Title search capability is located at the top right of the e-Publishing Library. Enter the Short Title or Long Title of the product and click the arrow or hit Enter. If you are still not able to locate the item, you may contact the e-Publishing Service Desk for further assistance.  

Why am I having problems locating certain products using the Title Search function?
The Short Title Search function will only work properly if you enter the EXACT (no spacing) short title of the item you need or a portion of the EXACT short title. You may find that a broad search is the most successful way to locate products. For example:
    To locate AFMAN36-2223, you must enter the Short Title into the search field as shown. If you enter in AFM36-2223, AF36-2223, or AFMAN362223, the Short Title Search will not find a match.

    If you are not sure of the exact Short Title, enter only a portion of the Short Title. If you enter 36-2223, the search will return every Air Force publication with such numbers, whether it is an AFMAN, an AFI or an AFSSM. If you enter only 2223, you further broaden your search. The same principle applies to prefixes. If you enter AFMAN into the Short Title Search, the result will display every Air Force Manual.

    When searching for an electronic form, do not enter the word "Form" or "electronic form" as part of your search criteria. For example, enter AF1846 not AF Form 1846 in the Short Title field.

How can I locate a product if I do not know the Short Title?
If you do not know the Short Title for a product, you may search by the product's Long Title or use the Advanced Search function. Advance Search will search the content of products and return the products related to your search criteria.

How can I search for specific publications based on different search criteria?
The opening page of the e-Publishing Library is the Master Catalog for all products based on organizations and then by series or form range.  You may also search for publications by organization, subject or product type by using the Advance Search.

Whom should I contact with questions concerning the content of a particular publication?
Each publication has an Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR). The contact information for the OPR of any publication can be located by mousing over the information icon in the Info Column for the publication. If an OPR is not listed for the individual publication or contact information is not provided, contact the e-Publishing Service Desk.

How can I locate Department of Defense forms (DD) on this website?
There are a few Department of Defense Forms actually located on the e-Publishing website. However, linked to the e-Publishing website are many Department of Defense Forms.

How can I locate Standard Forms (SF) on this website?
There are a few Standard Forms located on the e-Publishing website. However, Standard Forms at GSA and Standard Forms at DoD are linked to the e-Publishing website.

How can I locate Optional Forms (OF) on this website?
There are a few Optional Forms located on the e-Publishing website. However, Optional Forms at GSA and Optional Forms at DoD are linked to the e-Publishing website.

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